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  1. Pezdude

    Macintosh SE/30 Help

    Sorry, a bit of a quick update! I ended up buying a replacement ROM that also has a bootable version of System 7.0.1 off of Tindie. I'll post a link for those who are interested. I found some spare RAM as well! I figured even if the ROM or the RAM doesn't work, I will still use them for future...
  2. Pezdude

    Macintosh SE/30 Help

    Hi everyone! I picked up a Mac SE/30 from PC Doctors last week and I need help determining what the issue may be. I have the infamous Samasimac screen (zebra like pattern) that happens with some Macs during that time. I replaced all the capacitors on the motherboard, power supply, and analog...
  3. Pezdude

    Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill

    I love the Ohio Players! Great album! Would've picked that up in a heartbeat haha!
  4. Pezdude

    Macintosh Battery Carnage

    Nice! Sometimes these macs can be nightmares haha!
  5. Pezdude

    CoCo Fest 2023

    Super cool mod! I will have to see if I can make it to next year's show!
  6. Pezdude

    The Terrible Trio are up for Repairs!

    I have some original TRS-80 software on cassette that may be good to go! Otherwise, I have some pretty good cassette decks to make new tapes if needed with new and reliable tapes.
  7. Pezdude

    Two Megabyte Macintosh Mod

    Yeah I think I saw that too! Super cursed, but also incredibly awesome!
  8. Pezdude

    Exploded Amiga 500

    That poor Amiga
  9. Pezdude

    Apple IIGS lives again!

    Love the IIGS! Gotta be one of my favorite computers in general haha!
  10. Pezdude

    Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill

    Love the TV! I picked up a TV near me from a Goodwill that looks like a blueberry iMac. I wanted to see if I could put a composite input on it and use it as a portable monitor for the Apple IIc!
  11. Pezdude

    WTB - Macintosh 128k

    Hi everyone! This may be a huge ask, but does anyone have a Mac 128k they may be looking to sell or trade? Wanted to get one for collections sake and programming. Just kinda curious as well on what the going price for one is now these days. I almost bought one a couple of years ago and now kick...
  12. Pezdude

    Apple III Mystery Machine

    I almost picked up an Apple III from VCF last year, but someone got to it before I made my decision haha. I think the design is very neat!
  13. Pezdude

    Radio Shack Armatron

    I've got an armatron, but don't have the extras that came with it! My dad had one when he was a kid and let me play with it when I was a kid. Very nostalgic!
  14. Pezdude

    Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill

    Very funny haha!
  15. Pezdude

    Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill

    The ceramic pig face was very funny haha. I have a ceramic chicken head mount that I picked up from a garage sale because I thought it was funny!
  16. Pezdude

    Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill

    I have a califone tape recorder in box if you want it! I picked it up due to my love of cassettes, but have since replaced it with some other decks.
  17. Pezdude

    Apple Lisa

    Man, would love to try out one of these some day! I just saw the 40th Birthday Show for the Lisa posted by the Computer History Museum. Had a bunch of the original developers and engineers from the original Lisa project.
  18. Pezdude

    Color Classic resuscitation

    Also, there were many popular modifications done to the Color Classic when it released due to Apple purposefully "neutering" its capabilities. Some of these mods may have been done with bodge wires which overtime may have become loose. For more context about the power, the computer will "power...
  19. Pezdude

    Color Classic resuscitation

    Oh my goodness! Sorry for the late reply! This may be a dumb question, but what keyboard are you using with the Color Classic? The Color Classic won't properly power up without an ADB keyboard with the power button on it. The Color Classic will be able to properly work without the battery...
  20. Pezdude

    WCC Open House Show February 11, 2023

    Love me some Macintosh! I’ve got quite a few that I would love to bring. Maybe I could bring all my iMac G3s and get them connected together for an unreal tournament party haha! Thanks to @Performa for the VERY beautiful tangerine tray load iMac! It has become my instant favorite in my iMac...