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    Spring Roundup for the CRT Preserve Project

    It was awesome in it's day. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a VGA and/or S-video connector.
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    Spring Roundup for the CRT Preserve Project

    I'll probably have another TV for you next time I come up to an event. It's a 19" JC Penney (made by NEC) Color TV/Monitor. I've kept it around for my old Atari 8-bit computers but I am planning on selling them off. Most likely at the next VCF Midwest. The only problem with the TV is that...
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    Hi Bill. Wanted to remind you the we will be having a MCS meeting this Saturday (4/20) at...

    Hi Bill. Wanted to remind you the we will be having a MCS meeting this Saturday (4/20) at Greenfield Park Lutheran Church 1236 S. 115th st. (same place we've been at since forever). Time will be 1:00pm Dave Glish
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    Sleeper systems

    I looked at the size of the Wyse vs the little one that I used. It definately wouldn't work in an Atari 800XL case. Might fit in an older 800 case. The Wyse is 7.2" square by 1.4" high. The Bmax is 4.2" square and 1" high. I do like the idea of recycling an older PC.
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    Sleeper systems

    That was my project. The PC is a lilttle Bmax B1 Pro. It's available on Amazon for about $100. That one was the older model with only 4gb of ram an 64gb of ecc memory. The new one (same price) comes with 8gb and 128gb respectively. I'll post some pics of the insides of the system. I still...
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    Old MilAtari Newsletters

    We should be meeting at the Church again the 3rd Saturday in April. We don't get very many people in attendance, maybe 4 to 7. We mainly talk about a little bit of everything.
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    Old MilAtari Newsletters

    Yep, now that I see the picture I remember you well. Dave Landskron is the person that has the MASTnewsletters. I still have my 8-bits and ST. I should be bringing them up to the Wisconsin Computer Club's open house in Wisc. Rapids this Saturday.
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    Old MilAtari Newsletters

    Some of us from the old MilAtari group still get together. We are now semi-officially the Milwaukee Computer Society (semi-official since we didn't register the name and there aren't too many of us). We had a lunch get together a couple of Saturdays ago and the topic of the newsletters came...
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    Open House Show 3.30.24 in Wisconsin Rapids

    I'm planning on coming up from the Milwaukee area. I'll be bringing my Ataris. 800XL with a XF551 disk drive. STfm with an ACSI2SD hard drive. (maybe even my old 4 bay hard drive case with CDRW and 1tb Zulu SCSI SD drive. Mini PC mounted in a ST case (if I can get the joystick ports...
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    Atari 65 XE

    If you are looking for a for an AC Adapter, I've had good luck with (It's based in Wisconsin). I bought a new power supply for my XEGS computer for about $15.00. They also have video cables. I'm planning on selling off a couple of 8-bit disk drives if you are interested. I...
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    Atari 65 XE

    Do you have any other of the Atari 8-bit computers? The Atari Age site has lots of info on the various systems (just about anything that you could think of). Here is the link: I have a 800XL and XEGS (XE game system). The 800XL is probably the most...
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    Old MilAtari Newsletters

    If anyone is interested in a blast from the past I scanned and uploaded almost all of the MilAtari (Milwaukee Area Atari Users Group) newsletters. first issue was December 1981 and the last was March 1995. They are available to look at on the "Internet Archive" website. Just do a search for...
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    Transferring VHS tapes

    I have a "Cloner Alliance Pro box". They are available up on Amazon. It's kind of a swiss army knife of boxes. It can take signals from HDMI, Component, VGA or Composite. Looks like the price has gone up quite a bit since I bought mine a couple of years ago. It records off to a USB stick...
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    Winter Shows to new Regions

    Any chance you might be coming down to the Milwaukee area this year? Not sure if there is any type of Retro Computer groups here. If you know of any could you let me know?
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    VCFMW Leaves the Waterford Convention Center

    I also read that they will have to start charging for tables this year. Hope that they aren't too expensive.
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    UWSP Retro Gaming Event at the Archives 12.16.23

    If the weather is decent I will try to get up there (from the Milwaukee area). I can also bring along 3 Atari systems to show 800XL XEGS STfm with hard drive
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    Atari ST 520FM

    If you are interested, there is a really good 27" multisync monitor out that does all three of the Atari ST resolutions. Right now Office Depot has it for $89.99 (through Saturday). It is also available on ebay (direct from Dell) for $99.99. You can set it to 4:3 so the picture isn't...