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  1. Pezdude

    Cheap Pong Consoles

    There is something about Pong consoles that is nothing like other consoles. The game is so simple, but very addictive. Crazy to see the games we have now when comparing them to something released just under 50 years ago.
  2. Pezdude

    VHS Rewinder

    I love collecting VHS tapes and will definitely agree that these are essential for rewinding VHS tapes. Less stress on your VCR, plus more often than not, the rewinders were faster anyways. I love the rewinders that look like a car or something else wacky that add a little "flair" to your VHS setup.
  3. Pezdude

    Apple DOS Compatibility Cards

    Man, I am really kicking myself for not buying them when I had the chance haha. I just picked up a Macintosh 6100/66 with the DOS compatible face plate. Didn't know it did not have the card in it so it is now a normal 6100/66 with the faster processor. I will keep my eye out some more haha.
  4. Pezdude

    playstation games

    Any game titles you are looking for specifically? I have a few Playstation games that I don't usually play too much anymore. I could take a picture of what I have and post it if you are interested.
  5. Pezdude

    ROBOCUP 2022

    Wow, the pinball wall looks great! Sounds like a lot of fun!
  6. Pezdude

    Macintosh Classic and Macintosh IIsi Auction

    Another vintage computer auction on HiBid located in Amery, WI. Same auction house that was auctioning off a Commodore PET and some Tandy stuff not too long ago. Shipping is available for the item! Looks like the Mac Classic has a sad Mac face error, but those are pretty common and usually are...
  7. Pezdude

    Mini Atari 2600

    I love how the original 2600 cart is bigger than the mini 2600 set haha
  8. Pezdude

    Compaq Portable III with Tech Tangents

    Such a cool design for a computer. Always loved the look of it!
  9. Pezdude

    Apple 2 with LGR

    The Apple II computers are my favorite! I love the computers in part due to the wide variety of models that came out for the Apple II series. I would say my favorite model is the Apple II+ mainly for the design and look of the computer. Though I am also pretty partial to the IIGS as well.
  10. Pezdude

    OSBORNE OCC1 Auction

    OSBORNE OCC1 - Found a Osborne computer down in Madison that is up for auction! Powers on and comes with a few other goodies. No bids yet and has a bit over 4 days left as of writing this. Could be a nice pickup!
  11. Pezdude

    Mini Atari 2600

    The 2600 is one of my favorite game consoles. I really like casual gameplay when gaming and I think the 2600 is the king of casual gaming. I love how it includes a wood paneled room and shag carpeting haha.
  12. Pezdude

    End of the iPod

    I love my iPods. Still use them pretty regularly if I just want to listen to my digital music library without any interruptions. I am very sad that Apple discontinued the iPod, since it was kind of my introductory product for Apple along with the iMac G3. I remember getting my first iPod (iPod...
  13. Pezdude

    iMac Doorstop

    The iStop! Now running stopOS 12.1 Starting at $499 iStop Stand at $199 We think you're going to like it!
  14. Pezdude

    iBook G3 Project

    Thanks! I would love to have a whole tangerine setup. I got the orange 24” M1 iMac due to my love for the original tangerine color haha!
  15. Pezdude

    iBook G3 Project

    I love the iBook G3s! Such a cool design. I would love to have one of the Tangerine ones to use as a mobile Mac OS 9 machine.
  16. Pezdude

    Visit to Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 - My Highlights

    Oh man, that looks like so much fun! I'll have to keep this one in mind for next year! I am going to VCF Midwest this September and can't wait for that.
  17. Pezdude

    Commodore PET

    Another quick update! I did end up winning the auction and now have the PET at home! Unfortunately, it does have some issues that need to be figured out yet. The cursor does not appear at all when the computer boots up. Sometimes vertical lines also show up on the screen. I read online that...
  18. Pezdude

    Commodore PET

    Just as a quick update to the PET, I may have won the auction! But with how the auctions go on this site, it only says that I "May have won." I will get in touch with the auction house today to see what the final bid was on the PET on their end.
  19. Pezdude

    Victor 300 386 (Tandy 2500)

    Wow, such a beautiful computer!
  20. Pezdude

    Commodore PET A bit too rich for my blood, but it still has a few hours yet on the bidding!