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  1. Actrogen

    Commodore Ram Expansion Unit with the 8-Bit Guy

    YouTuber the 8-Bit Guy explores the Commodore Ram Expansion Unit (REU), and what it can do today. Enjoy!
  2. Actrogen

    OUYA resurrection in 2022

    The OUYA was a micro console launched in 2013 that was discontinued in 2015, and finally shut down for good in 2019. However, hackers and modders are keeping them alive. YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer explores this unusual development- enjoy!
  3. Actrogen

    Apple 1 Prototype Found

    YouTuber Tech Time Traveler explores a prototype of the original Apple 1 that has been found (sort of) and it is for sale. Enjoy!
  4. Actrogen

    ADDS 4320 Terminal with ADB

    Adrian Black has an unusual terminal machine by Applied Digital Data Systems (ADDS) and it's parent company, NEC Corporation. Enjoy!
  5. Actrogen

    IBM Model M Keyboard Restoration

    YouTuber Repair&Restoration revives a badly worn IBM Model M keyboard. Enjoy!
  6. Actrogen

    AppleSqueezer Accelerator with Action Retro

    YouTuber Action Retro explores the Apple Squeezer, a modern accelerator solution for the Apple IIGS that greatly enhances the systems capabilities. Enjoy!
  7. Actrogen

    Victor V-Saturn with LGR

    LGR shows off his Japan-exclusive JVC version of the Sega Saturn. Enjoy!
  8. Actrogen

    EasyNow PC with This Does Not Compute

    YouTuber Colin with This Does Not Compute explores an EasyNow PC, an unusual web-browser PC from the early 2000's. Enjoy!
  9. Actrogen

    Amiga 1080 Monitor Repair with ADB

    YouTuber Adrian Black has a broken Amiga 1080 monitor that h sets off to fix. Enjoy!
  10. Actrogen

    Apple eMate 300 Raspberry Pi Upgrade

    YouTuber Billy the Kid has found a creative means to recycle and reuse dead Apple eMate 300's into useful computers again. Enjoy!
  11. Actrogen

    VIC-20 PET with the 8-Bit Guy

    The 8-Bit Guy has a "PET style" Commodore VIC-20 computer with an odd history. Enjoy!
  12. Actrogen

    PlayStation 1 Restoration and Modification with Odd Tinkering

    YouTube repair expert Odd Tinkering restores and upgrades a PlayStation, enjoy!
  13. Actrogen

    Commodore 64 Repairs with ADB

    Adrian Black has more dysfunctional Commodore 64 computers, and he intends to fix them. Enjoy!
  14. Actrogen

    Atari Curiosities with RMC

    YouTuber RMC explores some retro "curiosities" from Atari. Enjoy!
  15. Actrogen

    Dell Optiplex GS with RetroSpecter

    RetroSpecter explores a Dell Optiplex machine with a Pentium processor. Enjoy!
  16. Actrogen

    Evans & Sutherland simFUSION 6500q Vintage Graphics Card (LTT)

    YouTuber Linus Tech Tips has a Evans & Sutherland simFUSION 6500q graphics card, a cutting edge quad core graphics card from 2003. Enjoy!
  17. Actrogen

    Amiga 1000 Sound Repair with ADB

    Adrian Black has an Amiga 1000 that has no sound that needs some repairs. Enjoy!
  18. Actrogen

    Mechanical Color Television

    A video exploring a custom-made narrow bandwidth mechanical televisor, a machine that uses a spinning disk to create a picture. Enjoy!
  19. Actrogen

    Apple IIc Plus with the 8-Bit Guy

    YouTuber The 8-Bit Guy has an Apple IIc Plus computer that needs some work. Enjoy!
  20. Actrogen

    New MK8330 ISA Sound Card

    YouTuber ctrl-alt-rees explores a new generation ISA sound card, the MK8330. Enjoy!