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    tIs forgotten chip Origin of the mucro.story
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    Free Tektronix Oscilloscope Cart/Laserdisc Player/CRT Monitor

    Love that cart! What kind of monitor? VGA? Brand and picture of laser disc player?
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    Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill

    Really enjoy these posts, and will try to add my own. Any suggestions on how you shrink your photo file size?
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    JVC VideoSphere TV for sale in Point
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre Tower i5 4th Gen

    Finally dug in the basement for a PCI wireless card I knew I had, and a SATA cable I didn't really need, and got the this beast ready for Ubuntu. I didn't get adventurous with distros, going with the Ubuntu I've liked since they would send you free CD install media. I also came across my stash...
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    October 2022 Show!

    I have a moving obligation that weekend so I'm not sure how/when I will be able to attend this quarter.
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    Linux Distros for kids

    Learned there are a number of kid friendly Linux distros out there: I am so gald the GCompris suite is still going:
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    New Dead Cap Jar

    Yes please! We have a running joke about skeletons with my son and this would be a nice addition to the collection.
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    New Dead Cap Jar

    Where'd you find it?
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    3COM Audrey Internet Appliance with This Does Not Compute

    I had a Microsoft CE MSN once and I regret scrapping it--I've had a terrible time finding a description online for it.
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre Tower i5 4th Gen

    I finally got into the BIOS, but needed intstall a plain USB keyboard to get the F keys to be recognized. My Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 wasn't having it, even when I tried to toggle the F-Lock. I was disappointed that although I set USB higher in priority tothe disk drive, I still...
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    VCF Midwest 2022

    If any of you have a twitter account and hashtag to follow I'd appreciate learning. -Dean
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre Tower i5 4th Gen

    The first computer I saved up for was a tower home built (386DX40), and as I'm not much of a PC gamer (FPS motion sickness and board game fascination), I have been content with laptops for the last 20 years. When a friend was all but giving away this Lenovo Tower with a decent amount of RAM...
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    Nifty CSS mac style

    If you're building fun faux macs, this is a neat web CSS styling resource: Example:
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    New Show for Q3 2022

    Think I'm open.
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    Anyone collect Slide Rules?

    Bring some to the next show!
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    Anyone collect Slide Rules?

    Picked up this 1969 at a garage sale yesterday. Need to use a magnifier to read the text. :} Search page for "eledyne Post 44BA-470 (1969)" Sorry, no id links. Nifty that they include a short bio of the donor/contributor. with full picture here...
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    GE TV VCR Combo and Quasar VCR (FREE)

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    Dell Dimension L733r Pentium 3 Computer (OUT)

    ...SO CLOSE to 1337...