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  1. PS2it

    IBM 5153 CGA Monitor

    Here's a nice 5153 for $75 located in the Minneapolis area. Probably not too bad of a drive if someone really needed one, plus you don't have to worry about shipping!
  2. PS2it

    BitHistory sale Nov 12, anybody going?

    I'm planning on it!
  3. PS2it

    Apple owned Apple IIgs

    I'm going to guess that this one will probably sell for about the same as your average non-working IIgs. Probably in the $50-$100 range?
  4. PS2it

    Apple owned Apple IIgs

    It's hard to say, maybe used in an office or something? We'll probably never know!
  5. PS2it

    Apple owned Apple IIgs

    Spotted this one eBay, an Apple IIgs that is full of Apple computer asset tags. Looks to have been owned by them at one time or another. It’s one of the first 50,000 units with Steve Wozniak’s signature on the front. Looks to have had a ROM 3 board swapped in too. Either way it’s a cool piece...
  6. PS2it

    Box O' Cables (FREE)

    Can I add some? ;)
  7. PS2it

    Multisync Monitor Weirdness

    Great find! They are super useful for testing, I use my Panasonic all the time for testing Macs. I forgot all about that one! Glad you could use it!
  8. PS2it

    IBM 5150

    I wonder why so many manufacturers went to tower cases. Today you only really see desktops used for media centers and stuff like that. I suppose a large part of it does have to do with cooling as well as graphics cards, but having a desktop lets you put your monitor on top, which gives you a...
  9. PS2it

    Apple IIc Plus

    I don't remember if the IIgs shares the same switches, but if so, I have a bunch of IIgs keyboards I was using for parts. I can grab whatever keys you might need from those if you can't find them elsewhere.
  10. PS2it

    Bell & Howell Apple II Plus

    Someone has a Bell & Howell II Plus up on eBay here! Looks pretty rough, but I wonder what it'll go for.
  11. PS2it

    IBM 5150

    I didn't pick up much at VCFMW this year, but I did find something that has been on my list for quite some time... Behold the IBM 5150! It fits in a little better on the desk than the Cordata did anyway.
  12. PS2it

    IBM PS/2 55sx

    Oh, you know it! Soon I'll be able to build a house out of them, I've heard they make good bricks!
  13. PS2it

    Apple IIc Plus

    I’ve got some of those Apple II 3.5 inch drives if you need a replacement, otherwise the Apple2Online store usually has all kinds of parts for these.
  14. PS2it

    Apple IIc Plus

    These really are neat, it’s a shame they didn’t sell better. Out of the box these were the fastest of the Apple II line. Unfortunately, a majority of Apple II (not IIGS) software was on 5 1/4 inch disk, and this has a 3 1/2 inch drive. It just wasn’t really backward compatible, at least not...
  15. PS2it

    Quadra 950 on eBay

    These are super cool! Definitely something on my wishlist, I don't think I'd want to try having one of these shipped though. Maybe someday! The link to the listing is here.
  16. PS2it

    New Show for Q3 2022

    Nothing currently!
  17. PS2it

    IBM Lunchbox

    That’s awesome, I might have grab one of those shirts! For a while now I’ve been looking for one of those “I’d rather be driving a Macintosh” bumper stickers for my car. I wish Apple would reproduce some of those!
  18. PS2it

    AppleColor RGB Salvage Operation

    That’s not what I expected to see! I knew they were rough, up that’s pretty bad! I’m curious what the other monitors I have from this lot look like on the inside. Sounds like it should make for an interesting project! If you decide to put a LCD in the case, it might be interesting to try and...
  19. PS2it

    VCF Midwest 2022

    I'll be at table H20! This is going to be great!
  20. PS2it

    Green Bay Lot

    If he'd be willing to part some out I'd be down to take another look.