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  1. Pezdude

    WCC Open House Show February 11, 2023

    Love me some Macintosh! I’ve got quite a few that I would love to bring. Maybe I could bring all my iMac G3s and get them connected together for an unreal tournament party haha! Thanks to @Performa for the VERY beautiful tangerine tray load iMac! It has become my instant favorite in my iMac...
  2. Pezdude

    Atari 800XL and Accessories w/ Boxes - HiBid

    Some games as well!
  3. Pezdude

    Atari 800XL and Accessories w/ Boxes - HiBid

    I haven't been on HiBid in sometime, but when I checked today, it looks like an upcoming auction has something REALLY cool! An Atari 800XL with some accessories all with their boxes!
  4. Pezdude

    Phillips CD Interactive

    Can’t wait to try out Hotel Mario!
  5. Pezdude

    Retro Computer Art

    Absolutely! Way too cool!
  6. Pezdude

    Retro Computer Art

    I would really love posters of this art! I don't know how hard posters are to make, but would be cool if there was a custom poster service on Etsy.
  7. Pezdude

    WTB - iMac G3 Tangerine/Orange

    Hi everyone! This may be a bit of a reach, but I’m on the hunt for a iMac G3. Specifically the elusive (at least to me) tangerine “flavor”. If anyone has one or knows where to find one, let me know and I will gladly make a deal! Thanks!
  8. Pezdude

    Show Plans (End of 2022/Early 2023)

    Can’t wait for the next show! I’m guessing my neck of the woods now is a bit too far for a show to happen here haha! I can check to see if some places in Wausau or Merrill would be open to letting us use a space.
  9. Pezdude

    Apple II+ in Minneapolis

    I might have to keep my eye on this one! I've got some family in the Twin Cities area.
  10. Pezdude

    BitHistory sale Nov 12, anybody going?

    I might, but I will know for sure by next week! Now that area in Wisconsin is a bit of a drive for me, but it is definitely worth it!
  11. Pezdude

    Apple owned Apple IIgs

    That is really cool!
  12. Pezdude

    IBM PS/2 Computer - Wisconsin Surplus

    Yeah it looks really sick!
  13. Pezdude

    IBM PS/2 Computer - Wisconsin Surplus

    I found a listing on Wisconsin Surplus for a IBM PC! Looks to be in pretty good condition too...
  14. Pezdude

    Adventures in Moving!

    Hi everyone! I have been a bit silent recently, but hopefully now I can be more active again! We are (mostly) settled in and finally got internet back. Moving was pretty wild. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. I am happy to say that the only casualties we had during the...
  15. Pezdude

    IBM 5150

    Awesome! I wish that more gaming desktop PCs were designed to be used on the desk like these. Most of the cases I see for gaming desktops are huge and bulky. I suppose that is in part due to the huge graphics cards and motherboards needed to play modern games. Also cooling. Come to think of it...
  16. Pezdude

    Amiga External Floppy Adapter

    Love the Amiga machines! I didn’t know they made an adapter for those drives. Really cool!
  17. Pezdude

    Lots of Stuff - Stereos, VCRs, Computer Stuff, Etc.

    Thank you for the offer! It is much appreciated! :) I believe we are making multiple trips back and forth from Eau Claire and Merrill over the course of a few weeks, so we should be good to go! I will send you the pictures in a separate message as my computer seems to be acting funny now too haha!
  18. Pezdude

    Heathkit H8

    Great video guys! Hopefully the troubleshooting won’t be too troublesome. Super cool that someone at VCF was able to give some insight. I can’t wait to see it in person!
  19. Pezdude

    Lots of Stuff - Stereos, VCRs, Computer Stuff, Etc.

    I’m having issues with my phone’s photos, so I’ll upload them on my computer than upload here later.