Atari 400 Mini


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I really like the "retro" hardware Atari is releasing now. They've really leaned into the retro market, and it's very cool that some of these borderline forgotten machines are getting mini consoles. As with most "mini" consoles the Atari 400 mini has a smattering of games and not even the platform's best seller, so loading ROMs is more or less necessary if you want the full experience. That it can run Atari 5200 ROMs is a neat feature though, as there are a lot of hard-to-find Atari 5200 games, and (imo) the 5200 emulation on PC leaves a lot to be desired.

Is it worth $120? Really depends on how you want to play your retro games. If you've always wanted to break into the world of the Atari 8-bit computers, and only have HD displays, it's not a bad option.

I hope it succeeds more on the grounds that it may push Atari to release more of these things. A "Jaguar Mini" or "Atari ST Mini" would be much more interesting to me. 😃