Compaq Armada 4120 Laptop with dock/expander (OUT)


I picked this one up in a bulk lot more than a year ago, and haven't done anything with it yet. It has no batteries, nor a power supply. In the interest of clearing some room here, I'm looking to pass it on to one of you who might have more time or interest in it. It is an oddball device, that's for sure!

The "battery compartment" doubles as a handle.

Laptop comes with interchangeable trackpad or trackball, depending on which you like better.

They just snap in/out. Kinda neat, I haven't seen this on any other machines.

Expansion base has a CD drive in it. No idea what the speed might be.

Slot on the bottom for another battery, according to the article I ran across.

Lots of ports, including a composite video out. Not sure what the lower port is for.

Front of the unit with audio jacks, floppy, and the cutouts for the front speakers.


I borrowed a power supply from the Aero, and it does power on, so most "normal" power supplies will work here. The system counts RAM then asks for a boot disk- no sound from a hard drive, so I'd wager that's died. 50MB in total for RAM, and it's got a Pentium 1 processor in there, though I can't determine the clock speed.

The machine and it's extra trackpad module is available for the low-low price of "come get it out of my shop." Feel free to comment here or PM to set up when you'd like to do that.