IDEA Center Event 5.15.24 and the future!


About a day before the event, I spotted a poster for a "multiplayer game event" being held by the Idea Center, a division of CREATE Portage County, an arts/business nonprofit that works on a wide array of local initiatives in and around Stevens Point. The Idea Center itself is a good sized multipurpose room, and they had it set up with a big projector and room for other systems. The poster specifically asked attendees to bring their own systems, and there was no way I could refuse such an invitation!

Nick and I brought a few "fan favorites" along and made some connections. They were glad to have us, and we talked quite a bit about how we can help each other in our mutual initiatives. Their goal with the event was to foster community through gaming of all sorts and bring people together, which we can certainly synergize with our retro tech preservation and education vision.

I'm not sure when we'll be back exactly, but they indicated they wanted to make this a monthly feature for them, and we're certainly invited throughout. I'll send more info along when I know more- this could be the start of something very cool for the Stevens Point area.