Macintosh Quadra 605


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In order to break up a bit of an overflow at his shop, and give me a chance to work on something new, @PS2it passed a couple troubled Macintosh machines my way, and they are an interesting lot to say the least. This one is a Quadra 605, the "business" variant of the Performa 475. This one has a bit of a surprise inside though!

Popping the hood, there's a processor accelerator!

Really odd to see something like that in a "pizza box" form factor Macintosh, yet here it is! I'm not sure exactly what it is- I believe the stock processor for the 475 was the Motorolla 68040, so this could just be some sort of coprocessor or fast ram expansion, or it could be a 68060 upgrade, or something else entirely. It's quite the array of heat sinks to fit into such a tight space!

As things looked pretty good, I turned it on and got a chime, but no video out. I suspect bad caps, but we'll know for sure once the caps are all swapped out for new ones.

Another neat thing is the strange IBM branded disk drive- I've never seen an IBM drive in one of these sort of Macintosh machines, so that might be another aftermarket upgrade. As usual, I wonder what this machine was used for before now!