Old Computer Books: What are you looking for?


We've all seen piles of Windows 98/Office for Dummies, but once in awhile you spy something that is a great addition to collection.
Yesterday for me was this one, teaching fundamentals in a Sherlock Holmes (specifically Waton) prose.
(The Book Deal https://thebookdeal.com/ , Madison, $2).
There was an AppleScript book I wondered if somebody else wanted, along with about 5 Steve Jobs bios. (I also got some early copies of Make: Magazines, if folks are interested).

Are you looking for particular series or specific books? I'd enjoy keeping my eye out for you.



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Very cool!

I'm always on the lookout for period repair guides or manuals- the "SAM'S Computerfact" series springs to mind. I get the feeling most of those have long since been recycled though, and the digital copies on the internet archive might be all that's left.

I recently acquired a whole bunch of startup guides and troubleshooting books for the Kaypro series from @PS2it, which have been helpful in getting the Kaypro machine(s) we have back to working order. I've also got most (if not all) of the Commodore service guides that had once belonged to Mom's Computers in Stevens Point- typed out on a typewriter and copied/distributed by Commodore, they're a little hard to follow in places, but they cover a little bit of everything. If anyone ever needs them, give me a shout!