PS4 Remote Play


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Feeling the urge for a new adventure and prior to our recent anniversary cruise on Virgin Voyages, I setup the PS4 Pro for Remote Play over the internet and brought a PS4 controller and iPad Pro along. For those wondering what my wife thought, she’s fully supportive of my nerdy tangents.

At some point between Key West and Bimini, I whipped out the gear and gave it a shot. I was ASTONISHED at how playable ”Stray” was! The delay was a challenge at times, and the display was a bit too dark, but it worked. Probably helped that we had the “premium” internet access while on board.

It reminded me of when I lived in Japan in the 90’s and dialed into a BBS hosted in the USA for the first time. There was a 1 second delay response to my key presses, but it otherwise friggin’ worked!

Never did whip out the hacked PSP I brought along, but then again, I’m not really much of a gamer these days. I’m more of a “Retrotech adventurer.”

~ Z

PS: Now disabling the Remote Play internet function and will next test Remote Play over VPN - my preferred method of connecting to home devices when out on the prowl. #trustnoone