Stevens Point Robo-Cup 2022 Casualties List


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Retro tech has a penchant to break down, especially when it's placed under stress for the first time in a long time. At the 2022 Stevens Point Robo-Cup, the following machines out of the fleet went down:

-Big Sharp TV

The Big Sharp has an issue with the brightness adjustment pot that requires the whole thing to be taken apart to get at it. Sometime in transit to the event it got knocked out of position, and was too dim to use for the show. I'm pleased to report that I've already got it running again, and it'll no doubt be back at the next show.

-Little Silver Sears TV

This one was new to us just a few months ago after it had been previously abandoned in a garage for 20+ years. It's compact design and analog tuning made it ideal for these sort of events, getting it's premiere at our Spring library show back in March. At the show, it crashed out- making a sharp whining sound without picture. I'm not certain what is broken yet, but it will be fixed. I rather like this one. ;)