Wanted - AT case for a 286


Anybody have an AT case & power supply they could sell me? Or I suppose even better would be if you're willing to sell me a fast (>16mhz 0ws) 286 system?

I'm working on building a Gameboy emulator and I'm pulling out all of the tricks to try and get it run on as slow of a PC as I can. I suspect I can get a 20mhz 286 with a plain 'ole VGA to run at least a decent subset of the games well (~full screen at full speed). From there I plan to start clocking that system down to see just how low I can go. I've been pricing out components on ebay and can get most things I need (that I don't already have) for such a system cheaply, but holy cow are bog standard cases expensive there. I've thought of just modifying an ATX, but would rather not deal with that, especially since I've got a hunch that there might be members here with more than they want. ;-)

Anyway, if you've got something that'll work and you're able to part with, please let me now!


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I used to have a couple extras that were from the 286 era, but I think I got rid of most of them at this point. I know for sure I have at least one newer AT case in storage, but it doesn't have side panels.
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Thanks for digging that up. Given the project, I've decided it to be more thematic to build a 286 sleeper PC inside of a NES case. Now to source a broken NES... 😂 Fortunately, I expect that to be a simpler and cheaper proposition.