Staff member
I would like to cordially invite you to join the Wisconsin Computer Club. We're a relatively small local organization based out of Stevens Point Wisconsin, and do not have membership fees or dues. Our core values are preservation, education, and responsible recycling. Through our website here, our Facebook page, and our numerous community events we hope to share our collective love of retro tech of every stripe with people of every sort. We've been lucky enough to partner with a variety of local organizations to help raise funds and awareness for a variety of causes, including our own core efforts to preserve old tech, and moreover to keep potentially hazardous e-waste out of our soil, water, and environment at large. Through our in-house efforts and our educational programming, we hope to dramatically reduce the volume of e-waste that is disposed of improperly both in Portage County, across Wisconsin, and beyond.

Feel free to sign up here and join the fun, and/or "like" our Facebook page to join the fun today!

Many thanks, and have a great day!

-Alex Macomber, Director, Wisconsin Computer Club