Werid PCI Wifi Router Card


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Many many years ago I picked up this weird PCI card Wifi router new in box that was supposed to go to the trash. It was too weird to trash and although I could not think of a reason to use it then I did the other day. I think the idea was to save desk space and send out Wifi to other devices nearby. It has one Ethernet in and one Ethernet out as well as a single WiFi antenna. It has some sort of basic NAT firewall in it too. I guess it could be considered a hardware firewall for a single PC to broadband connection. I was trying to use it on a Ubuntu server, so I don't know if it presents itself to the local OS or if it just uses PCI for power. I wound up not using it for my project as I cannot enter a custom DNS server setting into it for my portable SteamCache. Somewhere I also have a weird 4 port PCI switch. One could pair the router and the switch in the same PC and have a single box server/router/switch if you don't mind being stuck at 10/100 speeds.