Adventures in Moving!


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Hi everyone!

I have been a bit silent recently, but hopefully now I can be more active again! We are (mostly) settled in and finally got internet back. Moving was pretty wild. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. I am happy to say that the only casualties we had during the move were a couple of dishes!

The day of the move was crazy to say the least. We rented the biggest U-Haul we could find and had family help as well. I was the “lucky” one to drive the U-Haul which was the size of a small semi. I never drove anything that huge before and am used to smaller station wagons and such! When unpacking the day of the move, we lost power in our living room and kitchen. So unpacking was a bit hard to do in the later parts of the day!

We also had some issues with Spectrum once we got power back. They came out last Thursday and said that the reason the internet was not working was due to the old cabling the coax had in the house. They were able to fix the cabling and we were now back online without needing to use our data!

Overall, I am glad that we are somewhat settled in and finally able to relax a bit. Looking forward to getting back on the forums to discuss retro tech and computers!