Atari 400 (INV)


Back in early May I finally got my hands on a working Atari 8-bit system from another collector, in this case a stock Atari 400 with the rubber keyboard. While it's not nice to type on, it does run the one cartridge game I have for it, Star Raiders, really well- and was even featured at the RoboCup 2021 event (as seen on the end in the last photo).

Without a disk or tape drive, the software options for this one are somewhat limited at the moment, though it still is a neat little device in the main inventory. Hopefully we'll have some more shows and events soon so it can come out to play again!


I remember using Logo on these back when the Stevens Point school district had the "computer bus" that would go from school to school and contained a bunch of Atari 400s (if I recall correctly). The idea was that computers were still fairly exotic pieces of equipment and so putting them on this bus meant this could effectively be a travelling classroom. Anybody else remember the computer bus? I think it was blue.