Free Geek Chicago Closing


I heard word from the Chicago Classic Computers user group that Free Geek Chicago (one of the five Free Geek operations in America) is shutting down for good. Their post about it is HERE.



What makes me sadder is knowing how many scrapyards COULD be what Free Geek is, by offering their piles of donated "scrap" up for grabs for 'x' $ per pound or whatever before tearing them apart for a dollar or two of metals. But at least the ones I've been to have a strict no resale policy and so you have to just look at the heaps of mostly perfectly functional CRTs and computers (including real vintage and rare ones, Trinitrons, Apples etc) knowing they will just cut the cords, rob the yokes of copper and whatever else they can possibly salvage. Then many just create a graveyard pile of picture tubes in the back.