October 2021 Retro Haul


Here's the haul! I've pulled a few projects out of it (most notably an eMac) for some projects with the club going forward. Everything else pictured is up for grabs (computer wise, I'm gonna need those tools later) by club members with forum registrations older than this post. Each item will be individually listed down in the "for sale" section with a "free" tag, though WCC club members will have exclusive first dibs on things until November 1st, 2021.

Items include:
Macintosh Color Monitor
Performa Plus Display
Macintosh LC II
Apple StyleWriter II
Epson Dot Matrix Printer
Canon Pixima Printer/scanner combo
Red HP Laptop
ADB Keyboard (Performa series)
AppleTalk Cable
Box of Commodore floppies (untested)
Commodore 64 Startup guide
NEC External SCSI CD-ROM drive
NEC Versa 4050C laptop (Pentium CPU)
Slot 1 motherboard
Sears PD12 electronic adding machine
Removable IDE hard drive bay
Bell and Howell Slide Cube 987 (Sears Opticube) electronic slide projector
Purple plastic 90's CD rack
Two Acer 4:3 flat panel LCD monitors
GE AM/FM table radio (wood grain)
Sanyo microcassette player/recorder with tape
HP Pavilion case (2010-ish)
Dell Optiplex GX620
EVGA gaming case

As always, if you're looking for something in particular, reach out in the "wanted" section of the forums, as odds are good someone here has what you're looking for.

Thanks everyone!