Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W SBC!


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It's finally out- the $15 new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, a tiny, credit-card sized single board computer (SBC) that stands to be the foundation for tons of cheap cool gadgets ad gizmos in the days ahead!

It's really got the retro tech scene excited, as the Zero series of Pi's have been the backbone of a lot of new devices, including display adapter/converters, SCSI emulators, disk drive emulators, and more. Increasing the power of the platform without breaking compatibility for those devices means that a lot of projects will be able to expand what their own hardware can do, or dream up new hardware the previous Zero's couldn't do. Plus, at $15 new, the newest Zero is a cheap "engine" for all sorts of things existing and planned. The Amiga scene seems the most excited about it, and I expect we'll see some new accelerator "emulators" arise from this new board in the weeks ahead. Likewise, I can't imagine the hard drive emulation and video adapter scene for Commodore machines will be far behind!