Snow Day CPU Collection


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I spent the snow day going though some of my CPU collection and finding some of the odd ones. 1.4 PIII Tualatin, VIA C3 800Mhz and a AMD K6-2+. I have a pair of the Tualatin 1.4s but never found a board I could put them in. The K6-2+ came along after the Athlon CPUs as a test for a new process node. Its a die shrink of a K6-2 with L2 cache added to the CPU. If you had a motherboard with L2 cache installed it became L3 cache. They also had a rare K6-3+ that had more on die cache. I ran my first Unreal Tournament server on one of those, but its long gone. Also a Slocket adapter and a Coppermine to Tualatin adapter.