Socket 7 CPU Swap


After a long time in storage, the venerable Compudyne is going to go to Evercon this weekend as part of the show! I kinda love this ugly plastic box.

One downside of this machine is that (despite all of it's Intel stickers) this one had been outfitted with an IBM-branded Cyrix processor, one of the contenders in the CPU wars of the 90's that made up a "value" market. They don't play games very well compared to "real" Pentium chips of the era, so I swapped this one out.

While it isn't a huge jump from the Cyrix 110 (roughly) Megahertz to the Pentium's 133 Megahertz, the performance difference in terms of framerate and load times for games is significant- something I expect people playing with it this weekend will appreciate.