Swap Meet 2021 Discussion


I'm pleased to announce we have made some significant progress!

The Portage County Library is open to work with us, and our requests are submitted. While we aren't guaranteed the time or space, I have a good feeling they're going to be able to work us in somehow.

The first date we had that fit all the requirements I had listed was NOVEMBER 20th, 2021! Just over 2 weeks from now. Once I have space confirmation, I'll have another post for folks to request things- tables, tablecloths, power strips, etc. I'm happy to help get all of that to anyone interested in attending.

The Winter Retro Fest is ON!


Point/Plover definitely preferred by me but I'd try getting to it wherever it might be. As always, date will end up being the deciding factor as to if I can make it. I will check on the 20th when I'm near my (physical) calendar. I hope it's available! Excited you've got something worked out!


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Continue to reach out to the CREATE for the IDEA center. Plenty of space there, just need COVID safety available (currently not :() and their other group meeting/gathering requirements.