The "I'm New Here" Thread


Perhaps we might want a thread for folks to say hi and introduce themselves. I'm new here (Hi!) so will try starting it off.

I just found WCC via the RoboCup coverage. I live in Stevens Point and while I like all sorts of vintage computers, I only collect IBM-brand ones. (Gotta set some limits for myself!) When I started collecting, I also thought it would be wise to mostly concentrate on portable computers since that takes less space. Well, that's great in theory, but as we all know, some of these old portable/luggable computers aren't especially small, like my IBM Portable 5155. :) Those criteria mean I have mostly early Thinkpads but I'm not 100% strict and also have some IBM Model 25s, a PS/1, etc.

Even within Thinkpads, there are a lot of neat models available--the famous butterfly keyboard model, tiny ones, models that could strap directly to overhead projectorts, ones with internal inkjet printers and so forth. I've got several cool ones, but plenty more yet to find!