Weird stuff spotted at Goodwill


I was at Goodwill and spotted some weird stuff. I figured why not make a thread to collect these, as I'm sure I (and probably others) will see all sorts of strange things in there.

To kick things off, an odd disk in the 99 cent bin:

I wasn't sure what to expect.

I'm not sure who this random bust is supposed to be. If you know, let me know!


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Really enjoy these posts, and will try to add my own. Any suggestions on how you shrink your photo file size?


I use a program called "Gyazo" that lets you upload (or screenshot) anything, and they host it forever. I'm just embedding the photos here, and the software automatically scales them to the page, o you can manually change them if you like. IMGUR does something similar, but I've been with Gyazo forever and they do a pretty good job.


Haven't had a chance to go to Goodwill in a long time, and finally had a chance to swing in there yesterday. Not much tech stuff, but a few oddities caught my eye:

Santa: Master of Puppets

A snowman that has suffered some sort of odd chest injury.

Finally, a demo tape of Pinocchio, or at least the case. If the tape had been in there, I probably would have picked it up.

Now that's a piece of retro wall art if I ever saw one! 😄